Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the ideal time to sleep train?

The ideal time to begin sleep training with your little one is between 13-16 weeks. We've found that this age is past most of the larger developmental leaps that occur in the early weeks of baby's life but before teething. Your baby should be well and all caregivers should be on board with consistently following the plan we lay out.

Carolina Dream Tree will work with babies outside of this time period, however. We work with babies from 13 weeks all the way up to 3 years old!

My baby is not yet 13 weeks, what are my options?

Babies younger than 13 weeks often are not quite developmentally ready for sleep training. However, we do have a solution! For families who need sleep when baby is younger, we offer professional newborn care overnight. Bringing support to you from birth, we're happy to provide an overnight reprieve for tired parents until your baby is ready to learn to sleep on their own.

What sleep training method do you use?

The method we use is called "Mommywise". This unique method is incredibly effective while remaining flexible. We combine tried-and-true methods with an ability to adapt based on your little one's personality, temperament, and your family's goals. By using this method we are able to create nights of 11-12 hours of sleep in 72 hours or less, we are able to guarantee your family's success.

are you using any 'cry it out' tequniques?

We know hearing your little one cry isn't fun. We work together diligently to make sure all baby's needs are met before we begin sleep training. A few tears are completely normal when learning any new skill and sleep is no different! By being conscious and able to shift and adjust, we minimize tears and maximize success. Trust us, the sweet smiling face you see in the morning will be worth the few tears shed.

what if my baby doesn't sleep?

Simply put: your baby will sleep. Once we've assessed your family over the phone and talked through every step, we guarantee our clients 100% success. There will be no failing! There will likely be setbacks and hiccups but these are simply learning opportunities. Walking through these with expert guidance will give you and your baby the confidence and skill to sleep well for a lifetime.

will anything affect our success?

A few key factors need to be assessed before beginning our process. If baby is sick, teething, or feels off from shots, sleep training should be postponed until they feel better again. Working around visitors is possible but the ideal time to begin sleep training is when things are settled and baby feels well.

Our children share a room, is this a problem?

This method works for both multiples in the same room as well as younger siblings that share a room with their older sibling. When we say "flexible" we mean it! If your baby shares a room, it's no problem. We will determine how to best accomplish sleep on a case-by-case basis. 

Can my baby still share a room with me?

Room sharing with parents can be confusing for babies when sleep training. In order for baby to sleep 11-12 hours, they must learn to fall asleep on their own and sleep independently all the way through. Having parents there can stop that process. We recommend baby has their own sleeping space to ensure your continued success. Bonus: you'll get better sleep too!

i nurse baby to sleep, can we still sleep train?

We are skilled at helping baby to fall asleep without a bottle or breast! We will walk you through exactly how to help your baby fall asleep soundly and quickly without relying on a bottle or nursing.

What is the ‘4 month sleep regression’?

In our experience this supposed "regression" is actually a time of rapid development and wakefulness! While this is wonderful for baby learning skills, it can be hard on parents and siblings with a loss of sleep if a baby hasn't learned to sleep independently. Once baby learns to fall asleep and stay asleep on their own, you'll notice less wakeful periods and you won't need to be up to soothe them back down. Often families call us around this time because they're losing sleep. We can help!

do you offer over-the-phone services?

The problem with services over the phone is simple. We have no possible way to guarantee that the method will work. We can give you every step but without seeing it for ourselves, there's no way to know if it's being done correctly. We also believe your baby and your family deserves the personal touch and care of an expert in your home, live. We're here for your success!

what sleep training books you recommend?

There aren't sleep books we recommend. These books offer a one-sized approach to sleep training and simply aren't comprehensive enough to offer exactly what tired families need. If you've ever heard, "I've tried that method and it didn't work for me!" that's why. With Mommywise, we bring a complete, proven, and effective way to sleep train your baby that gets results and (most importantly) sleep!

Where are you based?

Carolina Dream Tree is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

are you willing to travel?

We're more than willing to travel to you. Fill out our sleep assessment and we'll get started establishing if we are a great fit for your family! 


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