Helping your baby learn to sleep independently


Carolina Dream Tree was founded on a simple concept: we bring families comfort and peace through healthy sleep habits.


Families need sleep to survive! From baby's development to parents' coping skills, so many essential parts require rest. We believe your family deserves the care and concern of a certified sleep coach. Upon entering your home we are with you every step of the way. We walk in with a plan and clients immediately feel the relief and hope that can only come from a seasoned expert.


72 hours from now your baby could be sleeping through the night.

Our Values


We bring hope to exhausted families through supportive and effective sleep coaching. Parenting is a demanding job! When you add in self-care and your day-to-day, sleep is absolutely essential. Our clients feel a sense of relief as soon as we walk into the door. 


We work incredibly hard to build and maintain trust with the families we serve. By using guaranteed methods, having open communication, and establishing the best-laid plan, we are able to create connection that leaves our clients knowing they're in good hands.


With a background serving families, our Certified Sleep Coach brings not only expert sleep advice but also a skill at leaving families feeling comfortable in their own home. Our clients often feel like they're hosting an old friend (and that's our goal!).


Meet your Sleep Coach


Haley brings years of experience supporting families to this unique service. With her combined skill for creating peace and amazing knack for teaching babies to sleep, she brings a level of expertise that leaves clients feeling secure and supported. Each step of the process Haley holds the hands of every client, walking them through and explaining each moment. Sometimes sleep training can be challenging and having the genuine care a comfort she brings to each family is invaluable and essential for the success and lifelong habits you're helping your baby create.