Sleep is here.

Professional Sleep Coaching for tired families.


Imagine a peaceful bedtime without tears.

Families need sleep, it's a fact. When bedtimes are a hassle everyone struggles. Carolina Dream Tree brings rest back to your home by using a proven and guaranteed method to help your baby establish healthy sleep habits for life. By tailoring our approach to fit your needs we quickly and effectively teach you how to make 11-12 hours of sleep a reality in your home for good.


a new approach 

The world of sleep training is one that has so many variations. What works for one baby may not work for another causing confusion and frustration among tired parents everywhere. The solution? An innovative method that custom-fits the approach to your family and your baby. With sleep training that is supported and sustainable, we are able to guarantee results in 72 hours (or less!). Your baby will fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up happy and rested the next day.

a perfect fit

One of the main things other branded methods of sleep training forget to consider is that your little one is a unique little person! They deserve to learn in a way that is easy, calming, and wonderful for them. By coming to you, learning about your family, and meeting and getting to know your baby we are able to create a perfect plan just for you. 


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